Digital communality: a permaculture ethics perspective

comunalidad digital
21 abril, 2022

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An research by Sursiendo on sociotechnical processes and natural limits, on inertia, narratives, questions and possibilities, carried out with people and groups that work locally. Chiapas, México. 2021-2022

Through research, reflection and analysis, we conceive Digital Communality as an approach that highlights the sociotechnical structures of power embedded in the design, extraction, production, use and disposal of digital technologies and their relationship with the environment. Based on this framework, we put into practice sociotechnical relations in community, where politics is an intricate part of social life and social life articulates with the environment. Digital commonality focuses on social, cultural and natural diversity and implies shared accountability. It picks up on circular processes where the connection between internet as a commons, internet as an inhabitant community and internet as a mode of governance is essential.

Inhabiting internet from a communality approach implies asking ourselves questions about the technology we use, how it originates, what logics underline its design and production, about the platforms we use. We’re invited to a «critical digital literacy».

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