Hackfeminist writings for alternative technologies

17 agosto, 2022

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We are very exiting to present two publications now available in English that are the result of the hackfeminist meeting “Technology and affections, how to outline policies of [co]responsibility” [“Tecnología y afectos ¿Cómo bosquejar políticas de la [co]responsabilidad”], held in Chiapas, Mexico in July 2019 and co-organized with Instituto de Liderazgo Simone de Beauvoir and Tecnológico de Monterrey.


Technoaffections. For politics of share responsibility

What was your first relationship with technology? Our memories are tied to our affection. What emotions and fellings surface with the memory of our first contact with technology?

Based on thes concerns, in July 2019, we convened the Hackfeminist Gathering of Technologies and Affections: How to sketch politics of shared responsibility, a creative and critical collaboration inspired by experiences an social movements rooted in land defense and feminism. A space created by an for women to contribute in building ethical and fair -for as and the environment- technology.

This text is a result of reflections, conversations, and affections between diverse women of Abya Yala that, having decided to affect each other, question the ways of collective being, doing, and feel-thinking technology.

Download report (pdf)


Let us imagine: hackfeminist writings for alternative technologies

This book is a tide between different geographies of thought, imagination, friendship, nurture, and production. You will find ideas about feelings, love, work, alternative economies, memory, relationships, objects that care about and teach us; readings and theories, about activism and the defense strategies we wan for our communities.

These writings sparked in the Hackfeminist gathering of technologies and affections: How to sketch politics of share responsibility?; later shared, read, commented, crafted, and embodied by all of us. They ahve been unpacked in different ways until reaching this form: a rich, diverse, polymorphic proposal of paths and writers.

Download report (pdf)

Enjoy the readings!