Some notes from RightsCon 2022

17 junio, 2022

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Between June 6 and 10, the new edition of RightsCon took place, an event organized by Access Now that gathers activists, journalists, government authorities, companies and civil society organizations to reflect, discuss and exchange around the intersections between technology and human rights.

For the third year in a row, the event was held virtually. For us, this modality was more intimate than the face-to-face versions of this event. We had the opportunity to (re)discover each other, connect, and have all types of informal conversations. It also encouraged us to participate in many spaces and at all hours!

Tending to attention economy and the principle of “say little, speak slowly and listen close”, as SurSiendo we decided to be present in several spaces held by other groups and share ourselves in a session introducing the Tool for the Systematization of Experiences in Digital Skill-Building Accompaniments in a workshop format to briefly explore what it’s about and the options it provides for those of us that facilitate digital capacity building with human rights groups and organizations.

During the session, in which 15 people from different organizations and parts of the world participated (thanks to Tlatolli Ollín for the translation!), we navigated our tool and its building blocks. We dedicated more time covering the first two stages of the systematization and exploring the methodological scheme sheet. Despite the technical challenges we encountered, there was an opportunity to discuss in small groups some of the experiences we had in mind and reflect on the steps described in the worksheet.

We also had the chance to visualize the remaining systematization phases, address their objectives, moments and methodological tools designed to implement each one of them.

We were pleased to hear (and read) enthusiasm for the proposal and the recognition of the pulsing need to dedicate specific spaces to review our actions. We treasure this comment that we received out of so much generosity: “Systematizing feels like an act of care towards our work and a way of giving value to our experience and the knowledge that we produce through it. We hardly ever take the time to honor this.»

Among our future actions, we hope to soon be able to follow up on this project of exploring the Systematization Tool through applied research so we can test and strengthen the proposal we’ve launched. Thanks for joining us!